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A clergyman leaves the priesthood over the church's indifferent position during the Spanish Civil War but finds himself attracted to a beautiful entertainer.

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original title: The Angel Wore Red

genge: Action,Drama,War,Romance

imdb: 5.8

duration: 1h 39min

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The Spanish priest played by Dirk Bogarde is troubled by his church's lack of concern for the poor; he decides to leave the church. By chance, the same day the Republicans call on the people to attack the churches and the priests, so though in plainclothes he is liable to arrest and execution. A beautiful cabaret singer (Ava Gardner) hides him for awhile but both are eventually made prisoner. The plot revolves around a relic taken from his erstwhile church by another priest that all sides are convinced would assure them victory... A clergyman leaves the priesthood over the church's indifferent position during the Spanish Civil War but finds himself attracted to a beautiful entertainer. It is certainly a change to find a Hollywood-sponsored film espousing the anti-Communist side in a Spanish Civil War film, though the edge is taken off one's initial surprise as the film progresses and the Fascists come in for some criticism too. As it turns out one is not supposed to be rooting for either side, but simply for Mr Bogarde and Miss Gardner who find themselves hunted by both.

Unfortunately, neither writing nor direction conspire to elicit audience identification or sympathy with these characters, and the performances are somewhat below the usual high standard of these two players. Miss Gardner seems particularly hampered by the necessity for post-dubbing and seems quite unable to match her words with her lip movements. Moreover, she reads her lines in a flat, listless voice. M-G-M have seen fit not to use Vittorio De Sica's voice although he can speak English as fluently as you or I. The voice they do use has a very odd accent and is disconcerting to say the least.

Nunnally Johnson's direction is pretty ordinary, though the film does have one outstanding scene with Aldo Fabrizi, lifted from Open City. The abrupt conclusion of the film is one of the most unconvincing I have ever seen.

Rotunno's photography is a considerable comedown after his fine work on On the Beach and Miss Gardner often is made to appear unflatteringly haggard. Some of the sets are impressive and the film has some lavish crowd scenes. The script retains a bit of the bite from Bruce Marshall's novel but not enough to add up to satisfying entertainment. A fairly potent script with an interesting plot device at its core (both believers and non-believers alike chase after a sacred religious relic during a bloody civil war), undermined by rather bland, pedestrian film-making. Thus, it's not terribly surprising this was the last film directed by the prolific screenwriter Nunnally Johnson. He shoots just about everything in an overly dark and cramped way making it often impossible to determine where a scene is set, let alone what is going on or even who is in it. This may have been intentional, with the absence of light meant to convey the spiritual darkness in which the country of Spain was submerged at the time, but it comes off as crude and makes for rough viewing. There's something strange about the sound as well; there are few if any sufficiently lit close ups and it seems as if some of the actors' voices have been dubbed. Vittorio DeSica's character, for instance, comes across a bit like Truman Capote playing General Patton. Joseph Cotten pops up every now and again, as a cynical, gravel-voiced newsman, (in fact, he also narrates) but you never ever really see his face and there is something disembodied about his entire presence. It's all a bit unsettling.

Nonetheless, if you can endure its flaws, the movie raises some thought provoking questions on the nature of faith and religion in times of strife, and Dirk Bogarde is quite impassioned as the troubled priest. Ava Gardner, however, is noticeably past her prime as Bogarde's love interest, and her character isn't adequately fleshed out.


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